The Rattle of the Masterbone
A Bereny children's ballad

Refrain: The Masterbone
                Sits on his throne
                Sadly plays the xylophone
                On his ribs, on his ribs
                His rattley rattley bony ribs

O why must I sit all alone
Crossly thought the Masterbone
No one ever ventures in
Though I've such a welcome grin


They treat me like a lump of stone
Angrily swore the Masterbone
Those 'venturers do in my head
Why should they just cut me dead?


My huge great scythe I'll sharply hone
Nastily plotted the Masterbone
I'll give those 'venturers such a fright
I'll take my doggies to give 'em a bite

But when the Masterbone strode in
One of the doggies ran off with his shin
And ere he could do our 'venturers harm
Another two doggies gnawed his arm!


The doggies couldn't leave him alone
Their bony master the Masterbone
'Cos even when he throws them sticks
Doggies and skellingtons just don't mix!


The Masterbone, the Masterbone
That rattley, rascally Masterbone!

Written by Lynne Tam

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